Friday, October 26, 2012

Cool Weather and Poker

I cant decide , should I hit the woods or play poker :) Both I guess, I am going out to Hard Rock Casino for the Friday night nl tourny. I have got 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th  out of  4 mtt played. the structure is a little better than the daily's which end up being a crap shoot once blinds get to 2-4k.  So hopefully I will make some money tonight.

Money made tonight will make for a better time down south in deer camp.
Gratuitous pic.


Kralj Crni said...

weather and poker usually don't have anything to do with each other ^^

Michael Romero said...

I beg to differ cool weather brings out the poker players, Hard rock had a great turn out for the Friday night mtt with almost 100 runners. Usually 60-70 during summer.

Willis McCoy said...

Hey Mike how you doing sir. I noticed a reply from back when i won 7k in Biloxi. Im still living in New Orleans and would love to talk some poker with you. I am Willis Mccoy on Facebook. I am willmccoy on pocketfives. I also made final 12 at Harrahs this year in 6 max wosopc event with 352 runners. My email is